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Tell your story. Add a Predator and a known Incident story.

About #MeToo Center

MeToo Center serves as the central repository of predators and their victim's stories. Predatory behavior in our culture can change over time if predators have real fear of being exposed. Up until recently these individuals had no fear. We are here as part of an effort to change that.

Share your story no matter how big or how small. Expose a predator.

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How It Works

1. Add a Predator

If a Predator already exists in our database just Add or Edit an Existing Incident on that Predator's page.

2. Create an Incident with a Victim's name and the Victim's story. We require Victim's real names to deter false or anonymous accusations.

3. Wait for your story to go live. Moderators usually approve stories within 24 hours.

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