Jack J. Grynberg

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Victim Name Candice Dee Smith
Incident Story She worked as Grynberg's personal assistant, and alleges she was forced to have sex with him multiple times or risk losing her job at Grynberg Petrolum Co.

Victim Name Suzanne Greene
Incident Story Greene said that she was harassed in 1976 just a few weeks into being hired as Grynberg's executive secretary.

She said he asked if she would be willing to show an associate coming to town 'a good time.'

When she said no, she claims he asked if any of her friends would be willing to do it.

Another time she claims Grynberg came to her home to pick up mail, but ended up pinning her to a wall and forcibly kissing her. She claims when she pushed him off of her he said, 'But you invited me over.'

Victim Name Maxine Yzaguirre
Incident Story Yzaguirre said she worked at Grynberg Petroleum as a receptionist for five months in 2016. During the time, she claims he gave her tasks that required she bend over while he stared at her.

Additionally, she claims she went into his office and found him wearing only underwear on at least three separate occasions.

Victim Name Roxanne Alvarez
Incident Story She said he took her to his home to do tasks while he would stare at her and look down her shirt.

On a separate occasion she claims he ushered her into the men's locker room at the company's Denver offices and kissed her and put her hands in her bra. She claims she pulled away and ran upstairs.

And a short while after she says Grynberg told he to come back to his home or she would be fired.