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Victim Name MeToo1977
Incident Story I was with my boyfriend, waiting for my sister to get off of work so I could take her home. While waiting, we sat at a table with a group of people. A man joined us at the table.. I heard a few people tell him that they were glad he was there, they didn't believe what he did... I really did not invest in much thought on the conversation... When the place closed, my boyfriend who had become very intoxicated, asked me if I could take that man home too. I agreed and off the 3 of us went. I dropped my sister off. Next would be the man I met at the table. We drove for hours, my boyfriend passed out.. Finally, I said I have no idea where we are.. A sinking feeling began to come over me but I ignored it. I also remember saying, I have got to use the restroom. He said, just pull over. We were in the middle of nowhere- I got out, went to the back of my car.. I remember hearing his chilling voice as I was behind my car. I turned around, he was standing behind me. He then said, I'm fixing to f you. I said- No you are not. I went to get in my car and my keys were gone. My then boyfriend completely passed out in the back seat. I got out, began running. I fell. He caught up with me and assaulted me, choked me. I tried screaming, hearing vehicles at a distance.. I will never forget how a part of me literally felt as if it were leaving my body. I begged.. I said, please- I have a daughter.. I prayed. I remember his hatred.. Shut up, bitch. I will kill you. Your boyfriend too. We finally got back in my car where he continued to threaten my life, my family, my daughter's, my then boyfriend's.. This went on for what seemed to be hours. I finally dropped him off on a quiet road. I drove far enough to where I felt I was safe. I pulled over, jumped in the back of my car- slapped and shook my boyfriend while crying hysterically. I didn't even know his real name.. He raped me and stole all money I had... We went to the police department, this happened around 1996. He just got out of prison this year. He has assaulted a few women, the story that I ignored- he was out on bail from a previous assault. Please pay attention to all surroundings and signs. Also know how to defend yourself. I have never really been the same since. It would be a bit later, I broke up with that boyfriend as well.