Benjamin Genocchio

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Victim Name Colleen Calvo
Incident Story One of the women was Colleen Calvo, the marketing coordinator at the time, who began crying as she talked about encounters with Mr. Genocchio that she said had haunted her for months.

Ms. Calvo recounted those experiences in a recent interview. At Artnet’s 2014 holiday party at the Gramercy Park Hotel, as she was helping check in guests at the door, Mr. Genocchio ran his hand up her sequin pants, she said.

Victim Name Deborah Harris
Incident Story Deborah Harris, the Armory Show’s managing director, reports being “berated and humiliated” by Mr. Genocchio after chastising him for “frisky behavior” that included, she said, making “lewd comments about the bodies and dress” of staff members. (Ms. Harris declined to be interviewed.)